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Our products for walk NELSON-X

They were created as a result of the discovery that, despite many products for dogs, they are often not suitable for different dogs. That is why NELSON-X is a response to customer demand. Our products are made with our passion for creating great products, which will give joy not only when walking the dog, but also for the owner.


dog harnesses
collars for dogs
leashes for dogs

Comfortable dog harness

Created as a result of searching for dog harnesses, which the dog will like, and the owner will love for their great look

Perfect collars

Our collars are created by trying to create an ideal product that will meet the expectations of dogs and their owners.

Durable leashes

matching the set with a collar or harness, so that every walk is unique..

Nelson-X products are created with passion!

Why choose NELSON-X?

Nelson-X is a brand of products, which were created with the owner’s passion for sewing and search for a product that will ensure a comfortable and unusual walk with a pet. When walking with a dog, we can often experience that not all products are refined and thought out. Therefore, Nelson-X is a response to flooding us with mediocre zoological articles. Nelson-X products are still being worked out and improved, because we can not yet say that there is a perfect product, but in Nelson-X we can do everything to say – this is a product which has repeatedly been improved, and a walk with it is a real pleasure


hand-sewn products in the EU

because the product must fulfill its function

guarantees the highest quality of used fabrics

because we also like nice products …

“Everyone thinks that his dog is the best. And no one is wrong.”  W. R. Purche

What customers say about NELSON-X…

“Harness for a dog Nelson-X Sally – soft, pleasant for a dog, and also in super colors.”
“Great dog harness. Very well made and fitted..”
“Dog Harness Guard NELSON-X – refined in every detail – soft, breathable, comfortable. Perfect for long walks and play.”
“The product has exceeded my expectations is simply sensational and solidly made. I recommend 100% and even more”

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See products NELSON-X and love them for their quality, which is a guarantee of your pet’s safety, and functionality, because a normal dog walk can be a fascinating adventure …