Meet Nelson

Nelson-X is a brand of walking products for dogs, which I founded in 2017 in response to the demand for good quality dog ​​walking products. Earlier, I had a company that produced dog beds, so the pet industry was no stranger to me. When the decision was made to create a brand of walking products for dogs, only the invention of the right name was left. I wanted its name to be positively associated with the products I create and design. The idea came about when I visited my friend, and as usual when I came to see her, he ran out – Nelson. Little pug breed dog. As usual, he greeted me with tail wagging and such a joy that I already knew that the highest quality products that give satisfaction to the use of any dog owner can not be called other than Nelson. However, the Nelson domain was occupied so I added to the name of my walking companion X as an additional stamp when we do not know what to do next. The Nelson-X brand started full swing in 2017, and of course Nelson became its first model and product tester.

Anna Wajer – owner of Nelson-X brand

We manufacture products of the highest quality, which we constantly try to improve, so that every dog and its owner would be so happy with the walk, as we are with Nelson 

Our products are characterized by:

Highest quality

All our products are made entirely in our company in Bydgoszcz, fully sewn on professional sewing machines. We use the highest quality materials – threads, tapes, buckles…

Comfort and convenience

Our goal is to create products that will be comfortable for the dog and comfortable for its owner. Hence in our offer products lined with a special mesh, which is not only comfortable, but also does not damage the dog’s fur, because in Nelson-X we know what is really important.

Created with passion for animals

At Nelson-X, we know that someone will use these products because we use them ourselves, that’s why we make sure that every product, especially premium products, are fully upgraded and guarantee an unforgettable walk.

A unique design

We strive to make our products not only comfortable, useful and durable, but also nice, because we like beautiful things ourselves. Nelson-X is a combination of design, comfort and durability.

Product catalog

See products NELSON-X and love them for their quality, which is a guarantee of your pet’s safety, and functionality, because a normal dog walk can be a fascinating adventure …